2nd Asia & Pacific University YMCAs Regional Conference
Youth Revolution: Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship



YMCA serves to develop youth leadership towards greater social responsibility in the community by actively providing greater opportunities for youth initiated and youth-led programmes.

Uni-Ys are important platforms in developing a strong YMCA youth constituency for youth participation and leadership, as well as youth who are responsive to the issues and concerns which affect them in the local & global community.

Following the success of the inaugural Asia & Pacific University YMCA (APUY) Regional Conference in Hong Kong in 2008, the YMCA of Singapore was invited by the Asia & Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY) to co-host the 2 nd Asia & Pacific University YMCA (APUY) Regional Conference in Singapore .

Theme of APUY Regional Conference 2009

We have chosen the theme Youth Revolution encapsulating two key issues:

  1. Youth Leadership
  2. Social Entrepreneurship

The theme reflects that youths have the potential to be the catalyst for fundamental and meaningful changes in the socioeconomic arena. Using the principles and processes of social entrepreneurship – where innovative ideas are birthed to meet social needs, youths can fulfill their role as socially responsible individuals and step forth to spearhead initiatives out of LOVE for the community. As with every revolution, transformation begins with the leadership of passionate people who desire change, and through boldness in thought and action with some creativity eventually impact the world.

The youth of today can develop social enterprises as a means to serve their society. In the Asia and Pacific region, less fortunate communities can seek to better their standard of living through opportunities created by such social enterprises, thus contributing to the improvement of the society as a whole. This falls in line with APAY's Quadrennial Programme Plan (QPP) 2008-2011, of which one of the key thrusts is Sustainability of Life for all. The conference aims to support this plan through the empowerment of youth leaders and the seeding of social entrepreneurship developments to answer issues of poverty in the region.


  1. To inspire and empower Uni-Y members to be servant leaders impacting their local and international community.
  2. Provide a platform for Uni-Y members to come together and interact with one another. By doing so, delegates can develop a greater understanding and stronger network amongst each other.
  3. To enhance leadership, promote volunteerism, and increase awareness of social responsibility of Uni-Ys through YMCA service in the community.


The Conference will consist of plenary sessions, exposure visits and workshops. Participants will also be involved in a more hands- on-approach through community service involvement projects and discussion forums.


Date: 29 July to 3 August 2009

YMCA of Singapore
One Orchard Road Singapore 238824


Registration Fees: USD $50
Participation Fees: USD $200 (To be confirmed at a later date – subject to change based on availability of funding)

Participants: Uni-Y/Student Y/College-Y members (18-25 years old)

Expected outcomes

  1. Delegates would have a greater awareness of social issues prevalent today.
  2. Participants would have gained a better understanding of how social entrepreneurship can be a possible solution to existing issues and be familiar with the framework involved.
  3. Participants would be able to provide youth initiated creative solutions to address social needs.
  4. Delegates would be inspired to be proactive in making an impact in their respective communities as youth leaders.

More Information and Registration

Please contact the following for more information:

Ms. Maria Cristina Dalope
Executive Secretary for Programmes, Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs
at cristina@asiapacificymca.org / Tel: +852 2780 8347/2770 3168

Ms. Jeanette Chen
Executive Youth Development, YMCA of Singapore
at jeanettechen@ymca.org.sg / Tel: +065 6586 2355 

For future updates, please see: www.ymca.org.sg/apuy2009/

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