Internship Program



It is exciting to reflect and report on my feelings or impression and experience so far with the NCYMCA Korea office staff this past week I, it has been truly an experience that have added value to both my academic sojourn to South Korea and social orientation of the Korea society in a kpositive manner.


Generally, the atmosphere has been friendly, informative, eye opening, programs and projects introduced to highly focus-driven.

Beginning with the monthly secretariat devotion and individual life-sharing testimonies met at my arrival on the first day, special welcome introductory remarks by the National Secretary Mr. Nam, Boo Won, then the special welcome talks with the Snr. Executive Director Mr. Lee Chung-Jae and the to the warm reception accorded to me by all the office staff.

Day 2: Was orientation on the activities of the Raonatti by the team members led by Mr. Jung Dong Min.

Day 3: I had a great time with the Life and Peace team members, during which I was enlightened on Korea and various nuclear issues, NGOs/NCYMCA and fund raising challenges and strategies and the general activities of the Life and Peace team. Also I had a Cross-Cultural education for a group of the UNIYMCA members about to leave for a volunteer work to Sri Lanka.

Day 4: I met with the Policy Development team during which I was informed of the YMCA’s joint policy activities with the Korea Civil Society and some progress made by constructively engaging the Korea government and carrying-out some civic education and campaigns in the society and some sample cases discussed include, the Privatization of the Korea Railway and the free trade Agreement with its American beef incident among many others. Also the same day I had th opportunity of meeting with the East Timor working team, at which I was educated on the Social Economy sector and most specifically the Coffee Timor/ Peace Coffee business project going on in East Timor and the Fair Trade education and campaign. Same day, I was also given some education by the Secretary of UNI-Y Ms. Lee Ji Yoo on her activities and the YMCA in various universities where the it is currently organized.

Day 5: I was taken to Aha center by the Coordinator of the Internship Course and was introduced to the staff, and arrangement was made for a visit there in the coming week for 2 days. Also on the same day I visited the UNI-Y camp meeting which was to last for 3 days during which officers of the program for the new academic year will be elected. My experience with the attendees of the camp was both exciting and inspirational.

So this is my feelings or impression so far for the ongoing internship exercise at the NCYMCA.

Thank s.

Report Compiled by: Matthew Okorieoji C.

Ajou  University.